Is my camera compatible?
The Hercules can equip to smartphones, action cameras,and DSLRs. Cameras with large lenses, must use the cheese plate to position the camera.
My camera and lens weighs more than 10 pounds, can I still use the Hercules with it?
Yes, although we recommend you use a camera that weighs less than 10 pounds, because it may be difficult to balance depending on your camera’s design
What are the speed specifications for the Hercules?
The Hercules has five settings for continuous speed: Approx. .1, .2, .3, .4, .5 inch/sec when using small wheelset. Approx. .2, .4, .6, .8, 1 inch/sec when using large wheelset.
How does timelapse mode work?

The Hercules moves at a preset distance, stops, and at a preset time moves again. The settings are as follows:

Distance: .005, .025, .05, .125, .25 inch increment when using small wheelset Distance: .01, .05, .1, .25, .5 inch increment when using large wheelset Time interval: 1, 5, 10, 30, 60 seconds

In timelapse mode, does the Hercules support move-shoot-move?
No, currently the Hercules does not support move-shoot-move.
what does the magnetic sensor in the Hercules do?

It enables you to set a limit stop using a magnet so when Hercules detects the magnet, it ramps down in speed, delays, and switch direction.

In time lapse mode, the Hercules stops and reverses direction upon detecting the magnet.

In stop motion mode, it allows the user to trigger an incremental move by presenting the magnet to the Hercules.

Do All Hercules Have The Magnetic Sensor Feature?
What type of battery can I use with the Hercules?
You must use AAA battery or a rechargeable AAA battery that produces 1.5vdc or less.
How long does the battery last?
In continuous mode, typical battery lasts longer than 1 hour. In timelapse mode, typical battery lasts for up to 48 hours.
Can I leave the battery in the Hercules for storage?
No, you should remove the battery when not using the Hercules.
Is the Hercules waterproof?
No, the Hercules is not waterproof.
Can the Hercules climb a slope?
We recommend that you do not use the Hercules to climb a high degree slope as it might topple over.
When will my order ship?
The Hercules will be shipped by August 2016.
where is my shipment tracking number?
You will receive an email with your tracking number as soon as your package ships.
What shipping providers do you offer?
At the moment, we provide UPS shipping services, both domestic and international orders. For more detailed information, please visit our shipping policy.
Im not in the U.S, Do you ship internationally?
Yes, we provide worldwide shipping
Do you offer your products at any retail stores?
At the moment we do not offer it.
Are there any custom fees or taxes on my order?
The entire cost will be given at checkout. You will have the choice to pay the import taxes and fees at checkout or when your package arrives.
What if my package is returned?
Please contact us immediately at shipping@rollocam.com. Your tracking number will provide the details of your packages status.
Are there any custom fees or taxes on my order?
We offer a one year limited warranty from the original shipping date against defects in manufacturing and workmanship on all Rollocam products contained in original packaging and used as directed in our published guidelines, but not limited to, our user manual and product description

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