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Is my camera and phone compatible?

•   The weight capacity of the Rollocam H-2 is rated at 5.5 lbs.  Rollocam supports a wide variety of cameras all under 5.5 lbs.  Currently App compatibility is as follows:

Using this as a camera device:


  • iPhone 5s or greater running IOS 11 or greater
Fully compatible
  • Most DSLRS using iphone to control Rollocam
Fully compatible *
  • Android running API 6 or greater
Coming Soon
  • Most DSLRS using Android to control Rollocam API 6+
Coming Soon

* Using the appropriate cabling for trigger most DSLRs and mirrorless with wire shutter release ports should work.  Things change however and we will do our best to keep you informed.
All smart phones require a working Bluetooth Smart (BLE) capability.  SmartPhones must support video resolution of: 1920 x 1080 video for capture from the phone to your phones storage. Most do at this point.
In order to use the tracking function while recording to a camera:
  • Mount Camera to Rollocam H-2
  • Mount phone - front to direction of talent - on an additional ball mount or Articulating arm
  • Insert ball head or arm into Camera's shoe   
  • Set phone to tracking mode.  Now the camera will follow the face of the talent. 

How long does the battery last?

•    About 5 hours in continuous use, over 10 hours in a timelapse environment, where the system does not move as much as it waits while shooting occurs.  Charges in about 1.5 hours.
In continuous mode, typical battery lasts longer than 5 hour. In timelapse mode, typical battery lasts for up over 10 hours. Depending of course on how much rolling vs. how much stop time.

Is the Rollocam H-2 waterproof?

•    No
No, the Hercules is not waterproof.

Can the Rollocam H-2 climb a slope?

•    Very small slopes yes.  About 6 - 8 degrees maximum.  Same situation down.  More likely the rollocam H-2 will slip, then not have the torqe to pull it.
We recommend that you do not use the Hercules to climb a high degree slope as it might topple over.

When will my order ship?

•    Within 48 hours of order received. Not more than 2 business days.
The Hercules will be shipped by August 2016.

Where is my shipment tracking number?

•    Emailed the day it ships to the email address you gave on the order.  
You will receive an email with your tracking number as soon as your package ships.

What shipping providers do you offer?

•    US Mail is our primary for safety and cost reasons.  We also do offer UPS and Fed Ex.
At the moment, we provide UPS shipping services, both domestic and international orders. For more detailed information, please visit our shipping policy.

I'm not in the U.S, Do you ship internationally?

•   All international orders will be shipped via UPS or FedEx at a flat-rate of $35.  Door to door tracking number will be provided when package is shipped.  Customers is responsible for customs and import duties, quotas, permits, VAT, product restrictions, and any other local shipping requirement(s).  We do not provide gift packaging and will not be able to specify items as "gifts" on customs declaration forms.
Yes, we provide worldwide shipping

Do you offer your products at any retail stores?

•    We proudly sell our products through BH Photo Video and Adorama and will add more right away.  We hope to soon bring on additional domestic dealers and International Distributors.  Contact us if you have any suggestions.
At the moment we do not offer it.

Are there any custom fees or taxes on my order?

•    Rollocam does not collect custom fees or taxes from international customers. Most likely, however customs fees and duties are handled by the shipper / importer who brings the product into your country.  In most cases, they will contact your for duties and taxes before it is delivered.
The entire cost will be given at checkout. You will have the choice to pay the import taxes and fees at checkout or when your package arrives.

What if my package is returned?

•    If the package is returned to us from the shipper as refused, or they could not deliver, we will credit the difference of the amount you paid originally minus all shipping expenses (usually at this point shipping expenses are both ways).  You should make sure the shipper (your postal service most cases) is a reliable delivery option.    We will reship however, additional shipping charges will be due.  

How does timelapse mode work?

The Rollocam H-2 moves at a preset "index" which is the distance between shots, then it stops, waits till a "trigger Delay" then shoots a picture, then waits until a preset time "interval", moves again and repeats. 

TimeLapse Panel


In timelapse mode, H-2 supports move-shoot-move routine.   For each picture, you can control A: the distance it moves between shots; B: the amount of time in seconds it will stay in that place; and finally C: how many seconds to delay for the trigger.

A) H-2 will move up to 1 inch in 1/100th of an inch steps (index)
     Example set index to .01  (1/100 of an inch)
B) H-2 will keep moving until it gets to this distance in inches (distance)
     Example set distance to 5 (5 inches of motion).     The number of pictures is distance * index.   so 5 inches and index = .01 result in 500 pictures to be taken (about 15 seconds of video)
C) H-2 will stop in this position for up to 10,000 seconds (interval)
     Example set interval for 2 seconds.    This will provide 2 seconds to take the picture then move.  Most cameras have an auto exposure, auto focus feature and in most cases this is adequate time to take take a picture.    The total production time will be number of pictures * interindex.val.  So in our example 500 pictures * 2 second = 1000 seconds or about 17 minutes.
For long exposure video, like night lapse,  Set the interval to a few seconds past your exposure time.  This will allow your camera enough time to expose the night picture before it moves to the next index.

D) H-2 will delay up to 255 seconds before it captures a picture (Trigger Delay)

    Example set Trigger Delay for 1 seconds.    This will provide allow the system to stop and set 1 second before we take the next picture.  This number is always less than the interval.

E) if you want the unit to go back and continue the time lapse in the reverse direction, set the dwell time to anything above 0.  This is the time in seconds the system will delay before it goes back.  (Dwell TIme)

    Example set dwell to 0   The timelapse is one way, finishing at the end of the distance.  Setting Dwell Time to anything else causes the timelapse to continue bouncing from start to end to start and so forth forever, until batteries die.   The delay in seconds between each direction is controlled by the Dwell Time.
With your DSLR, you can support variable exposure times, by having a longer interval time and a fairly quick trigger delay.  For example if you set your DSLR to bulb or to any duration you want, and set for an exposure for 30 seconds.  You would set the interval of the H-2 to about 33 seconds, and the trigger delay to 1 second after the unit stops.  This will result in a window of 33 seconds to take a 30 second night exposure.  Production duration is 33 seconds * number of Pictures.

What is the speed of the Rollocam H-2?

The Rollocam H-2 can run at a maximum speed of 2 inches per second.  It can be slowed down in 10% increments.   The first control is speed and allows you to set the unit to run at any of these speeds:
10 2 inches per second
9 1.8 inches per second
8 1.6 inches per second
7 1.4 inches per second
6 1.2 inches per second
5 1 inch per second
4 .8 inch per second
3 .6 inch per second
2 .4 inch per second
1 .2 inches per second
We offer a one year limited warranty from the original shipping date against defects in manufacturing and workmanship on all Rollocam products contained in original packaging and used as directed in our published guidelines, but not limited to, our user manual and product description
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